Rich and luscious, this was created using leftover FUDGELICIOUS (see recipe) ingredients and with each ‘creation’, the amounts of each ingredient changed slightly.  With a can of coconut cream from the fridge it sets immediately.  

Tahini -
1 – 2 dessert spoons
Carob powder - Quarter to one third of a cup
Coconut cream - 1 x 270 ml – refrigerated
Banana - 1        
Sesame seeds - Little under one sixth of a cup.
Sunflower seeds - Little under one sixth of a cup.
Desiccated coconut - One eighth of a cup
Honey - 1 teaspoon.

Combine everything in blender.
Easy peasy.

Serving suggestions:
Spread over avocado and FUDGELICIOUS… amazing!

Goes well with avocado &/or banana on bread, toast and rice cakes.

On plain rice cakes.  Crushed nuts sprinkled on top.

With peanut butter on any of the above.  etc, etc.

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