1 cup besan flour

Salt, pepper
1 cup plain flour
 Curry spices or herbs (dried or fresh)
1 cup water
Lemon juice (optional)
½ grated carrot
½ grated zucchini
Oil for shallow to medium depth frying (coconut oil is the healthiest )
Fresh corn kernels from 1 cob
1 Diced red onion

 ·        In a large bowl mix flours with selected spices, herbs, salt and pepper.
·        Add water gradually until a batter consistency is formed.
·        Add grated and diced vegetables.  Mix thoroughly.
·        Squeeze of lemon and/or extra water may be added.(thin enough to enable it to be spooned into frypan).
·        Heat oil in frypan.
·        Add heaped tablespoons.
·        Fry for approx 2 min or until brown, then flip.
·        Remove from pan and drain on absorbent paper.

Other vegetables such as spinach and spring onions may be used.  Pineapple tastes great also.

Serving suggestions:
Great with pineapple cream sauce and salad.  May be used as burgers on toast or rolls.