1 large clove of garlic - crushed

1 large onion – cut into small slices
1 large carrot - grated
1 large zucchini – grated
Quarter of a cauliflower – roughly chopped
1 can of red kidney beans or fresh kidney beans soaked and cooked.
1 can of chick peas or fresh soked and cooked.
Corn kernals from 1 cob
2 cans of crushed organic tomatoes
1 x 270ml can of coconut cream
2-3 cups of cooked rice
1 tblsp of oil

1 tblsp of mild curry powder or make your own using spices such as…. 
Turmeric      Coriander       Cumin       Cardamon    Garam Masala
Chilli      Sea salt & Pepper 

 ·        Heat oil and add garlic and vegetables fry and stir frequently for three to five minutes.
·        Add curry powder (or curry spices), chilli salt and pepper.
·        Stir and fry for two minutes.
·        Add canned tomatoes, cover and simmer until vegetables are tender.
·        Add beans, coconut cream and cooked rice.  Mix thoroughly.
·        Gently simmer for two minutes.
·        Turn off heat, cover and let sit for five minutes.  (This helps the rice to absorb some liquid and thicken the curry.)

Add green beans, spinach and/or diced sweet potato or pumpkin.

Serving suggestions:
Hot on its own or served cold the next in lettuce leaves or with Green Salad.