The first time we made this dessert we used macadamia nuts.  They can be expensive so simply use whatever nuts you like.



Nuts - 1 - 1 ¼ Cup whole nuts.
Spelt flour (or other flour) - ½ - ¾ cup
Honey - 3 dessert spoons
Olive oil - 2 dessert spoons


Avocados - 2
Coconut Cream - 2 x 270ml tins

 ·       Grind the nuts and combine the ingredients to make dough, adjusting the amount of water and flour as necessary.

·       Roll out and press into bottom and sides of 20cm pie dish.

·       Bake for 20 minutes at 180C or until done. (When the edges begin to brown)

·       Whiz up avo’s and cream and pour onto the cooked base in the pie dish.

·       Set in fridge.

  Serving suggestions:

Serve with fruit of your choice


Dates - 3
Cashews (unsalted) - 1 cup
Dried apricots - 8
Pecans - ½ cup
Mixed nuts (unsalted) & raisins/sultanas  - 1 cup
Sesame seeds - ¼ cup
Sunflower seeds - ¼ cup
Dried figs - 2
Drizzle of Olive oil

Coconut cream - 270 ml can
Bananas - 2 large
Honey - 1 tblsp
Natural sugar cane - 1 tblsp

Fresh fruit slices ie; mango, strawberry or passionfruit.
Crushed almonds
Mint leaves.



·        Process in blender, one cup at a time.
·        Roll out and press into bottom and sides of a pie dish.


·        Process ingredients for one minute.
·        Pour onto base.
·        Top with mango slices, strawberries or passionfruit.
·        Garnish with mint leaves
·        (optional) Sprinkle with chopped almonds


Simple mousse (see recipe)
- 1 Banana
Crushed nuts & seeds
Golden syrup or honey

Optional ingredients:
Peanut butter
Mango slices

Place the peeled banana in a shallow dish and layer on any ingredients that you like.  Too easy

If you choose not to make the mouse, you could replace it with coconut cream that has been left to set in the fridge.



- 3 TBS
Honey or date/rice syrup - 3 TBS
Sunflower seeds -85g
Desiccated coconut - 55g
Wheat germ or bran - 30g
Raisins - 115g
Carob powder - 2 tsp
Nuts - ½ cup
Dried fruit - ½ cup
Sesame seeds - 1 tblsp

 ·       Mix the tahini and honey or syrup together.

·       Grind the seeds and nuts and chop the larger fruit up into small pieces.

·       Combine all the ingredients and mix well.

·       Form a soft dough to be made into cylindrical rolls.  You can adjust the consistency by adding more seeds/nuts, coconut or wheat germ if it is too soft (or carob powder depending on how rich you would like it) and tahini or honey if it is too dry.

·       Roll the dough into two lengths and set it in the fridge.  (You may need to wrap it in cling foil to help it stay together.)

·        Cut into slices and serve.


  An amazingly delicious dessert.  The amounts of sugar may be varied according to taste.  



6 Green apples

½ bunch rhubarb

1 tblsp raw sugar

Sultanas (optional)

Oil – ¾ cup

Honey 1 tblsp



250g Instant organic oats

1 tblsp Sunflower seeds

1 tblsp sesame seeds

½ cup desiccated coconut

1 tblsp honey (optional)



Chop rhubarb, place in 12” round baking dish.  Sprinkle with sugar. 

·        Peel & slice apples, place on top of rhubarb

·        Heat oil & honey over gentle heat until nearly boiling.

·        Mix together oats, seeds, coconut and sugar.

·        Pour in oil and honey and mix thoroughly

·        Place mixture evenly over the apples in the baking dish

·        Sultanas may be added to topping or placed in with fruit

·        Bake in moderate oven for one hour or until topping browns.


Serving suggestions:

With coconut cream.

With avocado and walnuts or a mixture of all of the above.


This sauce was made to go on rice and vegies, the ingredients are varied and it came out tasting a bit like a mousse.

1&1/2 avocados

1 banana
½ a can of coconut cream
2 heaped tsps of tahini
2 heaped tsps of peanut butter
Sunflower seeds
Sesame seeds
½ cup of oat milk
Chilli - chopped
Ginger - chopped
Herb salt

Combine all of the ingredients except for the chilli and ginger in a blender, adding nuts, seeds and spices to desired taste.
·       Fry the ginger and chilli in a saucepan then add the mixed ingredients and warm through… voila!

Add cocoa for a chocolate flavour.

Serving suggestions:
As a sauce on a meal of rice and veg or eat as a dessert.


Rich and luscious, this was created using leftover FUDGELICIOUS (see recipe) ingredients and with each ‘creation’, the amounts of each ingredient changed slightly.  With a can of coconut cream from the fridge it sets immediately.  

Tahini -
1 – 2 dessert spoons
Carob powder - Quarter to one third of a cup
Coconut cream - 1 x 270 ml – refrigerated
Banana - 1        
Sesame seeds - Little under one sixth of a cup.
Sunflower seeds - Little under one sixth of a cup.
Desiccated coconut - One eighth of a cup
Honey - 1 teaspoon.

Combine everything in blender.
Easy peasy.

Serving suggestions:
Spread over avocado and FUDGELICIOUS… amazing!

Goes well with avocado &/or banana on bread, toast and rice cakes.

On plain rice cakes.  Crushed nuts sprinkled on top.

With peanut butter on any of the above.  etc, etc.


A healthy carob and peanut butter fudge that is utterly delicious.

Honey - 12 dessert spoons.
Peanut butter - 12 dessert spoons.
Sesame seeds - 1/3 of a cup.
Sunflower seeds - 1/3 of a cup.
Carob powder - 2/3 of a cup
Desiccated coconut - 1/4 of a cup
Sultanas - 1/4 of a cup

Combine honey and peanut butter in a saucepan, heat gently, stir occasionally.  When combined, remove from heat and immediately add other ingredients, except the sultanas, and mix well.

Grease a pan/tin of desired shape and depth and press the mixture into it, smoothing the top.  Press in the sultanas and fridge until firm.

Replace honey with maple syrup or other sweetener. Replace carob with cocoa.  Only need half as much as cocoa as it is a lot sweeter.

Serving suggestions:
Top with CAROB MOUSSE (see recipe)
Layer with avocado and mousse, or peanut butter and mousse, etc.


Coconut cream -
one refrigerated 270ml can
Tahini - 1 - 2 tblsps      Carob powder - 1- 2 tblsps

METHOD Mix in bowl, whisk with fork.

Use Cocoa instead of carob powder for a chocolate flavour

Serving suggestions:
On BANANA BREAD or  BANANA SPLIT (see recipes)


6 Green apples        Honey 1 TBSP        Oil – ¾ cup
Sultanas (optional)       1 desert sp raw sugar

250g Instant organic oats        1TBSP Sunflower seeds
1 TBSP sesame seeds        ½ cup desiccated coconut 

Peel & slice apples, place in 12” baking dish & sprinkle with sugar.

·        Heat oil & honey over gentle heat until nearly boiling.
·        Mix together oats, seeds and coconut.
·        Pour in oil and honey and mix thoroughly
·        Place mixture evenly over the apples in the baking dish
·        Sultanas may be added to topping or placed in with fruit
·        Bake in moderate oven for one hour or until topping browns.

Add other fruit such as blueberries or pears.

Serving suggestions:
With coconut cream from the fridge (a 270ml tin that has been left in the fridge overnight to set,; or place in the freezer for a couple of hours to set) and cinnamon powder;
With avocado and walnuts;
Or a mixture of all of the above.