Sesame seeds,   Fresh Ginger,    Cumin,   Turmeric,    Tamari or soy sauce,   Lemon juice,    Black Chia seeds,    Olive oil & or coconut cream, S&P (Vogel's Herb salt is awesome!).

Fry on a low heat for a minute or two the sesame seeds, black chia seeds, ginger, cumin turmeric (freshly grated is great!),  in a fry pan with oil.  I use olive and coconut oil together.   When the seeds are lightly toasted, remove from heat and add the other ingredients, flavouring it to your preferred taste.
While it is still warm pour it over a green salad such as one with lettuce, mushrooms, tomato, capsicum, green beans and parsley.  Yum, yum , have a good one   :)