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This is a salad we came up with while sitting by the fire when camping.  We had some tangelos that were given to us and we had collected oranges and grapefruits from trees in the area.  We had baked vegies in foil one night and in the morning, just for fun, we decided to wrap up fruit in foil and place them on the hot coals. 

1 tangelo, 1 grapefruit and 1 orange wrapped in foil and placed on hot coals from a campfire. (or put ‘em in the oven if you are at home).

Sunflower seeds
Olive oil
Mixed nuts
Herb salt

·       When you reckon the fruit is hot, pull it from the fire, peel the skin off and chop them up.  Chuck them into a container and add the other ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Whatever fruit is available.

Serving suggestions:
A warm breakfast to eat by a camp fire