A delicious blend of ingredients that, when served with rice, is enough for four people.


1 Garlic clove - chopped

1” piece of ginger - finely chopped
1 Leek - sliced
12 green beans - chopped
5 button mushrooms - chopped
1” ring of pineapple – peeled and chopped
1 large head of broccoli - chopped
1 tbsp of sesame seeds
Handful of macadamia nuts
1 tbsp of soy sauce
1 tbsp of cooking oil
Ground black pepper
Four cups of jasmine rice

 ·       Start the rice cooking.
·       In a large fry pan, heat the oil and fry the garlic and ginger for one minute.
·       Add the vegetables and stir and fry for five minutes.
·       Add the soy sauce, sesame seeds and macadamia nuts, lower the heat, cover and let it all steam in it’s own juices for approximately five minutes.


Awesome Mexican style dip that is great served with guacamole and organic corn chips.  

Red Kidney beans -
125 gms
Cannelloni beans - 125 gms
Organic crushed tomatoes - 2 cans
Red onion - 1 large
Celery - 1 stalk
Carrot - 1
Garlic - 2 cloves
Chilli - To taste
Herb salt
Organic corn chips - 1 x 250 gm bag

Soak and cook legumes (beans) and then, using the back of a fork, mash them into a paste like consistency.
·       Chop garlic and finely chop the vegetables & fry in saucepan with oil and chilli until softened.
·       Add tomatoes and cook for about twenty minutes to reduce the amount of liquid.
·       Add beans, parsley & salt, stir and heat through.

Use various types of beans.  Add chopped olives and or mushrooms.


This one was inspired while thinking of a meal using  hazelnuts and leftover rice from the previous night’s dinner.

Jasmine Rice

Snow peas
Cherry tomatoes
Sunflower seeds
Lime juice
Herb salt  

Coconut oil
Lime & lemon & orange juice
Herb salt

 ·        Mix tamari through the cooked rice, chop all of the salad ingredients and mix it all together adding seeds and nuts.
·        Mix the dressing ingredients together and pour over the salad.

This dressing may be too citrusy for some, but hey, whatever  takes your fancy. J


Cooked Jasmine Rice

Herb salt
Sunflower seeds
Soy sauce
Lemon juice
Alfalfa sprouts
Olive oil

·       Steam broccoli. Zucchini and corn.
·       Dice celery and tomatoes.
·       Place rice in individual bowls or 1 large bowl.
·       Add vegetables, seeds, herbs, lemon juice, olive oil and soy sauce to taste.
·       Mix thoroughly and serve.

Steamed onion or other veg may be used. Sultanas, sesame or poppy seeds are a yummy addition.  Nuts such as walnuts are also great.

Serving suggestions:
May be eaten hot or cold in lettuce leaves.


4 large potatoes
Garlic chives
4 sweet potatoes
1 red onion, thinly sliced
1 tblsp chopped parsley
Herb salt
1 cup cooked cannelloni beans
Black pepper
1 tblsp Sunflower seeds

Cube and steam potatoes.
·       Add other ingredients and mix well.  Too easy!

Add steamed broccoli.

Serving suggestions:
Cover with ‘spicy and nutty sauce’ (see recipe) or dressing of your choice.

Serve with green avo salad.



This is a recipe for four medium sized wraps.  Used with Mountain bread.  

Avocado -
1 –2
Tahini - 1 tblsp
Cucumber - ¼ - ½
Tomato - 1 –2 small
Alfalfa sprouts
Grated carrot - ½
Grated Beetroot - ¼
Haricot beans - ½ - ¾ cup cooked (we use any legumes cooked and left over from a previous meal)
Lemon juice - ½ lemon
Herb salt
Flat Bread ('Mountain' brand have an organic wholemeal variety)

Mash the avocado.
·       Chop and dice the other ingredients.
·       Mix to combine.
·       Place lettuce leaf on flat bread, spoon over mixture and wrap.

Go for it!


1 clove of garlic – chopped

2 medium potatoes - diced
1 sweet potato - diced
2” thick piece of pumpkin - diced
1 Carrot - diced
1 parsnip - diced
½ cup cooked kidney beans
½ cup of cooked cannelloni beans
1 tblsp Oil
Tunisian spice mix – 1 tblsp
Sea salt - 1 tsp
¾ cup of water
Jasmine rice

Heat oil in large saucepan and add all the chopped vegies and garlic.
·       Stir on low heat for two minutes.
·       Add Tunisian spice mix, sea salt and black pepper.
·       Stir for another minute
·       Add water, cover and simmer on low heat for aprox. five – ten minutes (until vegies are tender).
·       Add beans and stir and heat through.

Serving suggestions:
Serve with jasmine rice cooked with 1 tsp of turmeric, lemon wedges on the side.
Garnish with tomato wedges sprinkled with finely chopped fresh basil and parsley.


An easy & quick sweet dish.  

Haricot/Navy beans - 250 grms, cooked
Red  Onion -1 chopped
Garlic - 1 clove crushed
Olive Oil - 1 tblsp
Mushrooms - 2 cups diced
Molasses - 2 tblsp
Lime - Juice of ½
Cardamon - 2 Tsps
Sweet potato - 1 Sliced & steamed
Green capsicum - 1 sliced
Rice - To accompany

Fry onion and garlic in oil until tender.
·       Add mushrooms and fry for another minute.
·       Add all other ingredients and cook for five minutes.
·       Serve over bed of rice and slices of steamed sweet potato.
·       Garnish with slices of capsicum.

Serving suggestions:
Serve with lemon wedges


There are many ways to stuff veggies, here is one recipe for inspiration.

1 large pimply squash

½ - 1 cup of mushrooms
1 celery stick
3 tomatoes
1 onion
½ a capsicum
1cm cube of ginger
Enough breadcrumbs for topping.
Small handful of crushed walnuts.

·        Bake the squash, whole, in oven at 200c
·        Chop onion, garlic and ginger and fry in pan for 1 – 2 minutes
·        Finely chop the celery & capsicum, chop the mushrooms & tomatoes and add the lot to the pan.
·        Add the herbs and S&P
·        Stir and fry till soft and liquidy.
·        Remove the squash when it has cooked through (use a fork or knife to pierce it and see if it is tender).
·        Cut the squash in half lengthways and scoop out the seeds and stringy bits.
·        Fill the halves with the veggie and herb fry up, top with breadcrumbs and walnuts and place in oven.  Bake at 200c until top browns.

Stuff it with other ingredients

Serving suggestions:
Serve on a bed of rice and top with a sauce of your choice.


Delicious bake of vegies topped with mashed spud and potato chips.  


Dried Brown lentils 1 Cup, cooked
Broccoli - 2 cups, chopped
Onion large - 1 thinly sliced
Garlic - 1 clove, crushed
Carrot - 1 grated
Tinned tomatoes - 2
Eggplant  - 1 sliced
Zucchini small - 1 diced
Cumin, turmeric, coriander, cardoman, garam masala,chilli. - 1 tsp of each
salt, pepper
Potatoes - 5 medium
Plain potato chips - 1 small packet , crushed (plain potato chips usually don't have any numbers or flavourings but check the label to be sure).

 ·        Steam potatoes and sliced eggplant. 
·        Mash potatoes.
·        Line greased baking dish with eggplant.
·        Fry onion, garlic, carrot and zucchini in large saucepan until tender.
·        Add spices and cook for 1 min.
·        Add lentils and tomatoes, cover and cook for 5 minutes.
·        Pour over eggplant.
·        Cover with mashed potato.
·        Sprinkle with crushed chips.
·        Bake in moderate oven until browned.

Serving suggestions:
Serve with Tossed green salad