2 large or 3 small beetroots, quartered and steamed until soft.
2 tbsp of olive oil
1 clove of garlic

Blend all ingredients. This is a small dip so simply double the amounts to make a larger one.  A great variation is to add a small can (270ml) of coconut cream...mmmm...mmmm!  We have had this pured over a salad as a lovely beetroot coconut dressing.


I was reading a summary of a book called 'Green For Life' http://www.healthbooksummaries.com/Browse.asp?Member=PDF and the author wrote about green smoothies... smoothies made with bananas and leafy greens. They sounded good so I made my own using silverbeet, parsley and mint from the garden. Here is the recipe that I came up with: (the muesli makes it more of a roughie than a smoothie).  It may seem strange to have leafy greens in smoothies but the tast is awesome!  I have been having this almost every day for the past two weeks.  The fruit and mint give it a delicious sweet flavour.  I have also made this with kale and avocado, hazelnuts and macadamias.

1 ripe banana
2 large silver beet (spinach) leaves
Handful of parsley
4 large mint leaves
2 tbsp (aprox) of fruit and nut muesli
1 heaped tsp of tahini
1 heaped tsp of coconut oil
A small handful of sunflower seeds
Oat milk
Blend all ingredients.


1 cup of dry red lentils.
2 heaped dessert spoons of peanut butter.
1 carrot - grated.
1/2 red onion - thin sliced and diced.
4 button mushrooms -  sliced thin.
1 garlic clove - crushed.
A 11/2 cm cube of ginger - grated or chopped.
Oil fior frying
Garam masala - 3  tsps.
Cumin - 2 tsp
Some fresh grated turmeric... hmmm, about a 1 cm cube.
Sea salt.
Black pepper
1/4 tsp of peri peri.
The spices weren't measured for this dish so the amounts are aproximations... just tast it as you make it and adjust the flavours to the way you like it.  Remember that spices in a meal increase in intensity over time.

Cook the lentils until they are ready... aprox. 20 minutes.
Fry the garlic, ginger, onion and spices in oil for a minute then add the carrot and mushrooms, stirring for a couple of minutes.  Drain and add the cooked lentils, add the peanut butter and stir the flavours through.  Cook till you are satisfied with the flavour and consistency.   For a saucier consistency add some of the liquid that was used to cook the lentils.  I cooked it for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes and used it as a sauce but it had reduced a lot and made a great dip.


A simple dressing that tastes great and compliments almost any salad.  

Juice of one lemon.
Olive oil.About ten percent more than the amount of lemon juice.
One clove of garlic; crushed.
Crushed black pepper
Herb salt
One tsp of brown sugar.

Combine in jar and shake and mix well.  Keep in fridge.

Replace the lemon juice with the juice of an orange for a fruitier flavour.


1 Can diced tomatoes

2 cloves crushed garlic
½ cup oat milk
3 tablespoons tahini
5 fresh basil leaves, chopped
Herb salt
Ground black pepper
2 mashed avocados

·       Gently heat the can of tomatoes, garlic, tahini and basil in frypan. 
·       Add milk and stir until smooth and combined. 
·       Gently cook for 1min. 
·       Remove from heat and add mashed avocados, mix thoroughly.
·       Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serving suggestions:
Pour over or mix through baked or steamed vegetables, Rice and Sunflower Seeds.



A rich creamy sauce that goes well with rice and stuffed pimply squash.  

1 x 270ml can of coconut cream

2 – 3 tblsps of tahini
A handful of poppy seeds.
½ dozen button mushrooms
Thyme 1 - 2 tsps
Salt and pepper

·       Fry garlic, poppy seeds and mushrooms until the shrooms are soft.
·       Add the coconut cream, tahini, thyme and salt and pepper.
·       Cook for five to ten minutes so the flavours mix well and stir the tahini through thoroughly to thicken the sauce.
·       Note: the tahini can make this sauce very rich so you may like to add it a little at a time.

Add sultanas to sweeten it up.

Serving suggestions:
Stirred through jasmine rice and / or ladled over stuffed veggies.  Or steamed or baked vegies... well, it's just a great sauce. :)


A versatile mayonnaise that also makes a great dipping sauce.

Coconut cream -
1 small can, 140 ml.
Pineapple - A one-inch ring cored & peeled.
Spring onion - 1
Mint leaf - 1 large
Parsley - 2 sprigs
Garlic - 1 clove
Herb salt
Nutmeg - 1 level tsp
Chilli flakes - ¼ - ½ tsp to taste.
Squeeze of lemon.

Mix in blender.

Be creative.

Serving suggestions:
Anywhere you like to use mayonnaise, or as a dipping sauce for fritters.   Excellent stirred through  potato salad or coleslaw.


An amazingly delicious spicy & nutty, sweet flavoured sauce that is simple to make.  

Coconut cream -
1 x 270ml can
Garlic - 1 Clove
Chilli - 1 Fresh
Sweet paprika - ½ tsp
Nutmeg - 1 tsp
Lemon thyme - 1 tsp
Tahini - 3 heaped tsps
Peanut butter - 1 heaped tsps
Sunflower seeds
Herb salt
Black pepper

Blend… awesome!

Be inspired. 

Serving suggestions:

Great poured over a POTATO & BEAN SALAD (see recipe).  As a dip.


1 crushed clove of garlic

1 small onion – diced
½ inch piece of ginger
Lemon juice
1 cup of peanut butter
Chilli (to taste)
Salt and pepper
Dessicated coconut – 1 dessert spoon
Handful of sultanas
1 tblsp of brown sugar

·       Heat oil in saucepan and fry garlic, ginger onion and chilli until soft
·       Add peanut butter, coconut, and squeeze of lemon juice, sultanas and salt and pepper.
·       Continually add water while stirring over heat until desired consistency is reached.

Fruit chutney could be used instead of sultanas.

Serving suggestions:
Goes great with steamed veg and rice for a ‘gado gado’ kind of meal.

Use as a dip.

Spread on toast or rice cakes.


1 can of crushed organic tomatoes
1 shallot – chopped
2 cloves of garlic - crushed
1 tblsp of organic tomato paste
1 tsp of ginger - finely chopped
Oregano – chopped fresh or dried
Herb salt
Olive oil

·       Fry garlic, ginger and shallot in oil for 1 minute.
·       Add remaining ingredients and cook for 5 minutes.

Add olives.

Serving suggestions:
Serve on pasta of choice with green salad.