Creamy Leek & Mushroom Noodles - LOVING LIFE

Mushrooms -
3 cups                               Leeks - 3
Coconut cream - 2 x 270ml cans          Garlic - 2 cloves
Dried Oregano - 1 tsp                             Chilli flakes - ½ tsp
1 packet of Japanese noodles (we use Udon; they're organic and they are available from health food shops, Asian shops and Asian section of super markets).

-   Dice mushrooms, thinly slice leeks and crush garlic.

·        Heat oil, add veg, oregano and the herbs.
·        Cook until leeks are tender.
·        When it has reduced add coconut cream and cook for further five minutes.
·        Cook udon noodles as per directions.  Add the sauce.

If leeks are unavailable, use onions and shallots.

Serving suggestions:
Serve on Udon noodles with slices of avocado and chopped fresh parsley.

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