G'day and welcome to the Infinite Harmony website.  The purpose of this site is to provide information that shows how easy it is to be healthy if the body is not tampered with or hindered  by man made drugs, chemicals and pollutants.  Cells constantly replace themselves and within seven years even the entire skeleton has been renewed.  If left alone cuts and scrapes heal themselves, this is how wonderful our bodies are. 

Nature provides everything required for a healthy life... in the words of raw food athlete Tim VanOrden:
"Your body is the miracle, you don't need expensive "superfoods" to have a super body."

Nature also provides us with wonderful opportunities to relax and invigorate the mind... the sunset above is a great example of this. 
Our thoughts affect our well being and  Your Attitude Affects How Long You Will LiveOften people feel ill simply from not seeing all the beauty around them.  When was the last time you ran in the rain for fun?  Felt the wind on your face without moaning about the weather?  Swam in the ocean?  Went skinny dipping? Walked in a forest?  Sat in the garden and talked to the plants?  Children often do these things and... they're often happy!

We are beings of an infinite nature and all of life is interconnected.  All of life is a vibrating energy and each form that you can see and interact with is a different frequency, a different expression, of the original vibration.  How we choose to express ourselves, with our thoughts words and actions, creates a certain outcome.... all born from the one vibratory source... LOVE.  Love yourself and you shall love life.  Love life and you shall love yourself.

Be well, be free, and 'ave a good one.  

Eating simply to simply live,

To my body I do give,

Nature’s bounty, a loving gift,

A source of nourishment to uplift.


For a truth that I have found,

Is that food grown in the ground,

Gives everything the body does need,

To perform each and every deed.

by Michael Merlin Petar

Zeitgeist 2: Addendum

This is a great video showing the absurdity and falseness of the monetaary system and how it is used to keep people in debt and create a perception of scarcity.  The fear of there not being enough food and resources to go around is a major factor in the creation of a competitive society.  The truth is that there is enough for everybody on earth and that we are not inheritally competitive.  The film does an excellent job of showing how the current system of reliance on banks and credit came to be and some solutions are suggested. 

The video is also available to watch online at the Zeitgeist website and they have also made it available to download as a free torrent.  The website also contains the sources & references used for the movie.

Or you can download it for free from Rapidshare:

Music clips

Rodrigo y Gabriela - A very talented guitar duo playing an awesome song.

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Eternal Wheel by Ozric Tentacles.  This is a great clip featuring awesome visuals of fractal geometry. 

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